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Our business is changing fast, and the trust we have built up with our partners means we are constantly opening up new markets. So we are constantly on the lookout for new talent in these areas: assembler, electrician, cable installer, mechanic, grinder, locksmith, welder and pipe fitter. To save you time and help us to be more effective in your future recruitment, we have created standardised resumes that we leave to you to complete. It's up to you!


Mechanical Assembler

Depending on their workstation, mechanical fitters use work instructions to carry out a variety of simple assembly operations on mechanical and/or electrical assemblies.


Electrical fitter

The electrical fitter installer installs and unwinds LV/HV and Ground cables on different networks, adapting to the constraints of the field.



Mechanics carry out preventive and corrective maintenance, mainly mechanical, on traditional or automated equipment, installations and materials. '



Grinders finish and reduce the roughness of sheet metal, profiles and/or piping by abrasion, in accordance with the rules of the trade and safety and production requirements (quality, deadlines, etc.).


Steel fitter

The steel fitter positions and assembles metal parts or sub-assemblies and performs weld points up to 2 centimetres (parts, structure, etc.) in accordance with technical drawings, in preparation for the welders' work.



The welder prepares, tack welds and welds metal (steel) parts using one of the following processes: 111, 135, 136 and/or 141.



Pipefitters create and install piping networks carrying liquid or gaseous fluids.


Team Leader

The team leader coordinates and supervises the activities of a team as a technical, functional and hierarchical reference. He or she guarantees the team's level of performance and the achievement of objectives in terms of quality and deadlines.


Site Manager

The site manager coordinates and supervises the activity of the teams as a technical, functional and hierarchical referent. Guarantees team performance and measures efficiency. He ensures that quality and deadline objectives are met. He is the point of contact between the company and the customer.


Support professions

Do you have outstanding skills? With a touch of originality and a dose of audacity, anything is possible! We are looking for people who are dynamic, versatile and, above all, positive! If you think you can bring something unique to the table, apply and become the rare gem in our team!