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Sébastien BORRÉ

Sébastien BORRE


Human connection holds a crucial place in the company. Being a self-taught individual, I've climbed the ranks and have been in my employees' shoes. This experience has instilled in me a profound respect for them and their work. I make myself available to my workers and take the time to address their questions. Respect and communication are integral at all levels within ROMA2S, among colleagues, towards our clients, and with our partners. Additionally, being in the metallurgy sector, safety is a top and non-negotiable value. I am highly attentive to standards and adherence to procedures to ensure the health and safety of all my collaborators.

ROMA2S identity, shipyard


ROMA2S, a dynamic company, stands out for its ambitious projects, sector diversification and membership of the Gestal group.

ROMA2S metallurgy, offshore activities


With a presence in many sectors of the metalworking industry, we offer a wide range of specialized trades. There is sure to be one to suit you!

ROMA2S metallurgy assembly values


Our rapid growth and the trust placed in us by our partners are opening up new markets, so we are constantly on the lookout for new talent.